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Substance Use Treatment In Houston

Looking For Research-Backed Addiction / Substance Use Treatment In Houston?

At Heights Harm Reduction in Houston, we see each client as an individual. At our practice, we never use generic labels such as ‘alcoholic’ or ‘addict’, largely because we don’t believe in the adage  “once an addict is always an addict” or the stigma that comes with it. We see you as a person first, and want you to know you are supported and feel certain that you are receiving the best treatment that’s suitable for your exact requirements.

Dr Kelli L. Wright is an experienced clinical psychologist and has been running a private practice in Houston for over 15 years. With years of experience in the field, she is constantly looking for new techniques and methods that will empower patients with a custom tailored journey to recovery.

With a focus on Integrative Harm Reduction, our clinic takes a new approach to addiction treatment and therapy. While on the HHR website you might occasionally see the terms ‘addiction’ and ‘alcoholism’, know that these terms are only used in order to help people find us, as well as when referencing studies that use this kind of verbiage. Such information is invaluable when looking at how many people in the US have issues related to substance abuse and how practices such as ours can help them.

According to the Addiction Center, “almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment”. There are several likely reasons behind this – first, the number of people that actively seek treatment is incredibly low. There is still stigma about needing help for personal issues in our society, which is in fact the last thing people need when being affected by substance use habits and their underlying causes. Even when such abuse has resulted in a dangerous or otherwise unfavorable environment for you or your family, it can be daunting to seek treatment.

At Heights Harm Reduction, we are a judgment-free zone that helps everyone with their substance-related issue. Implementing our brand of Integrative Harm Reduction therapy, we treat each person with a custom treatment plan – as opposed to bundling every patient under the same generic program – which is just one of the reasons why our practice stands out above others in the area.

An additional reason individuals go without the help they need is that they might not actually have locally available services in their area. Despite more harm reduction minded clinics opening up in the US, the sad truth is that there still aren’t enough resources available for everyone. Collaborating with clients throughout the Houston Heights, we want this issue to become a thing of the past by working with each individual to create change that’s based solely on what you want to achieve in life.

Through face-to-face communication, we can help you to set goals that support your values and targets. Providing a nurturing environment, we want you to progress in life the way you want to – which is why we meet you halfway with the most effective strategies and techniques to assist with rehabilitation.

A safe and supportive space, no matter how moderate or severe your condition is, we are here to help. Discover how Heights Harm Reduction can help by contacting us today.

What is Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy?

Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy is a new paradigm that takes substance-related issues for what they usually are – a meaningful reaction to an event that caused the patient to suffer. Such issues are typically correlated with social, psychological and biological factors – from past trauma to issues that you currently have with managing your relationship with others.

Each issue is unique to every person, which is why we use Harm Reduction Therapy that is custom tailored for the patient. Never using a one-size-fits-all approach, our therapy includes evidence-based interventions in order to identify the reason behind the addiction and exploring appropriate ways in which to balance it. Our method does not require you to fully stop your current behavior, but rather sees curbing your habits as a choice that you make because you want to live a life that is ideal for you.

In order to unlock your true potential, our treatment regiments aren’t tied strictly to abstinence and follow a non-judgmental approach. A lifestyle alternative to being out of control with substance use is one where you are in control of the substance and the habits that are formed around it.

When you are in control, it will help to improve all aspects of your life at a pace that you’re comfortable with – rather than forcing yourself into a mold that might not fit well with your personality.

The Core Principles of Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy

As mentioned before, Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy is concentrated on individualism, which means we take into account a client’s personality, the severity of their substance use habit, as well as the underlying reasons (and anxieties) that may have brought it to fruition. The core principles are designed to improve the patient’s life by reducing the risk of abuse and putting them back in control.

These core principles are as follows:

  • Accepting each patient as an individual and minimizing the effects rather than judging them.
  • Using suitable treatment techniques that are based on evidence conducted through science and psychology.
  • Acknowledgement that substance abuse differs per person.
  • Providing each patient with a variety of different therapies and resources which are designed with the end goal of recovery in mind.
  • Working with each patient to set an achievable goal and prioritize impactful milestones within their treatment plan.
  • Empowering each patient by encouraging them to support each other.
  • Involving each patient in their specific treatment plan by persuading them to speak up and evaluate it.
  • Experiencing physical withdrawals when you stop drinking.

Throughout Harm Reduction Therapy, we want each individual to see the difference in attitude and psychology when it comes to substance abuse. Producing a supportive network, we want each client to know that they can ask for help when they need it. While Integrative Harm Reduction therapy needs to be experienced to be fully understood, we hope this gives you a good handle on what to expect.

The Key Goals of Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy

Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy can be split into two main goals that are pursued synergistically:

  1. To have the patient set goals that work for them, which generally revolve around reducing the effects and risks of their substance abuse.
  2. To address any and all underlying issues that may have contributed to the onset of the substance use to begin with through one-on-one sessions.

The Core Principles of Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy

Integrative Harm Reduction can prove to be incredibly beneficial for those struggling with substance abuse. By applying for treatment, whether it be due to the risk associated with addiction or because of the impact that it’s had on those around you, this approach could be the answer to your problem. As a new age model that differs from traditional therapy techniques, it focuses on the psychology behind the illness rather than treating the substance use directly.

Many people, both in the US and around the world, are uncertain as to whether this form of treatment is suitable for them – due to the stigma that’s often associated with substance abuse. What makes Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy stand out, however, is that it aims at breaking down this stigma by empowering patients with the assistance that they need – rather than creating a treatment plan that’s generalized or based around ostracizing the individual and their behaviors.

Should you make the decision to reach out to us, you should know that you are supported and that you won’t be judged by anyone at our practice. Focused on remedying core issues and building the future you want in a safe and positive environment, our approach is one that we have full confidence in.

A Personalized Substance Use Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan we create will target your specific needs. There is no book or program that we copy & paste into your life. We know that there is no immediate cure for any addiction or habit. We focus on getting to know you and achieving the best outcome for your life, we work with you using a collaborative approach.

We offer unwavering support throughout the process. It’s a welcoming space that breaks down the much-publicized stigma. We offer a safe place in which you can share any ideas that you have while being honest about how you are feeling, we work with you to overcome any potential barriers or obstacles, obvious or hidden, that you might be facing.

Each plan will, of course, also differ in the amount of time that it takes. We tend to take things one step at a time, with sessions becoming more or less frequent depending on where you feel you are at with your goals.

Contact Heights Harm Reduction Today

If our take on habitual substance use sounds like it would work for you,  reach out via our contact form or calling us at (713) 249-5838 or through our contact page. We’ll guide you through the process from the very beginning and answer any questions you may have about your individual journey.

From creating your initial treatment plan to helping you tow the line with ongoing support, our approach to substance abuse is extraordinary and utilizes the modern form of therapy to produce stellar results that align with your personal values. During your initial consultation, we’ll review where you are today, talk through your objectives, and create a plan that revolves around you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact HHR today and let us help you create the future you want to live in. Or for more info, check out our blog which now has at least two new additions per month.